Kneeboarding in the USA

Mr. Pete Salassi Scholarship recipients

In honour of the late Mr. Pete Salassi

 Scholarships may be awarded annually in amounts no less than $500.  Any AKA member in the Jr. or Boy and Girl divisions are eligible to apply.  Applicants are required to write an essay describing their kneeboarding experiences, their goals for the future and any other information they feel may be of importance in the selection process.  Applications must be submitted to any AKA Board member prior to the Annual Summer AKA Board meeting, held in conjunction with the Kneeboard National Championships.


2018  None




2014     Allie Maloney, Ga

2013     McKenzie Wallace, Ga

2012     Joey Deutsch, Ga

2011     Patrick Dicus, Ga

2010    Joey Deutsch, Ga

2009    Mitchell Ascher, Wi

2008    Leah Ritchhart, Fl

2007    Amanda Davis, Fl

2006     Lyssa Ritchhart, Fl

2005    Ken Stuart, Ga

2004    Leah Ritchhart, Fl

2003    Jennifer Rogerson, La

2002    Tish Rogerson, La

2001    Crystal McKee, Tn

2000    Application not submitted

1999    Application not submitted

1998    Application not submitted

1997   Jennifer McDonner, La

1996    Kevin Felver,  In

1995    Lisa Caldes, Fl

1994    Christopher Andrus, Mo

1993    Zach Rohner, Fl